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Video: The Roots – “The Fire”

Here is the latest video from The Roots How I Got Over album, which is in stores now. The video was directed by Rik Cordero and is pretty much a mini-film. This is what Rik had to say about the song/video:

“‘The Fire’ is one of my favorite tracks off HIGO and really feels like something you’d hear in the theater. The line ‘you don’t say good luck, you say don’t give up’ inspired me to create a period piece narrative that stays true to the lyrics while adding another layer to the interpretation.”

Don’t forget to pick up the new John Legend & The Roots album Wake Up,  in stores Sept. 21st.

via: OKP

  1. July 27, 2010 at 7:06 am

    This was an amazing song along with an amazing video. Rik Coredo did a good job on highlighting the fact that kids (still quite young) are taken away from their parents to fight in wars, being mistreated and treated as dogs.
    The Roots did a good job on integrating the song with the video to send us the message that we should never give up, even if times get tough.
    Thanks Ben, keep up the great work.

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