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The Lost Reviews of 2010 Part 1: The List

Music has always served as a page marker in the book of my life. Certain songs bring back memories of where I’ve been, some allow me sit in the present, and others take me where I want to go. Last year was the beginning of a new decade, which means new stories were written.

As we turn the page to 2011, I’d like to revisit the albums that stood out and some that were overlooked.

Coming Soon: Update: The Lost Reviews of 2010 Part 2: The Five

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Hit the jump for The List…

βββββ – Classic (i.e. “Forever” Music)

ββββ – Superior (i.e. “Good” Music)

βββ – Average (i.e. “Typical” Music)

ββ – Needs Work (i.e. “Save Your Money” Music)

β – Garbage (i.e. Hot Garbage)

The following 5 albums I really wanted to write extensive reviews on due to the impact on their respective genre or because of the impact the artist(s) have had on past/present culture. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time last year, but I wanted to touch on them briefly:

Artist: Little Brother

Album: “The LeftBack”

Rating: βββ (Album Average 3.6)

Defining Moments: “Curtain Call”, “Tigallo For Dolo”, “Second Chances”

Logic: Little Brother have been without their longtime DJ/producer 9th Wonder for a few years, but his absence was felt more than ever on “The LeftBack”. However, with fellow North Carolina native Khrysis handling a bulk of the production, Phonte and Big Pooh were still able to deliver a solid effort. This might be the last album we get from the legendary hip-hop group, but they will remembered as one of the greatest to ever do it.

Artist: Nicki Minaj

Album: “Pink Friday”

Rating: βββ (Album Average 3.2)

Defining Moments: “Roman’s Revenge”, “Fly”, “Here I Am”

Logic: Nicki Minaj is entering the industry at a time when the female MC has become an endangered species. On her debut album, Nicki debunks all the musical comparisons to those who have come before her. “Pink Friday” is a mix of hip-hop with a modern pop sound. Overall, Nicki Minaj doesn’t deliver lyrical content that is worthy of passing the femcee torch down, but her presence in the game gives a voice to women who demand to be heard.

Artist: John Legend & The Roots

Album: “Wake Up”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 4.1)

Defining Moments: “Hard Times”, “Shine”, “Hang On In There”

Logic: One of John Legend’s greatest strengths is his ability to reinvent himself with each release and consistently deliver a quality product. “Wake Up”, a collection of vintage tracks with a contemporary appeal, is no different. These days it’s rare to find R&B/Soul music of this caliber, especially with a level of consciousness.

Artist: Kid Cudi

Album: “Man on the Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager”

Rating: βββ (Album Average 3.5)

Defining Moments: “REVOFEV”, “Don’t Play This Song”, “Erase Me”

Logic: Although much darker than the first installment of “Man on the Moon”, Kid Cudi provides his fans with another candid look into his life. This time, instead of taking us on a journey through his dreams, Cudi brings us into his reality. If you’ve followed Scott Mescudi’s career, you know that his reality can be somewhat chaotic and his sophomore effort follows suit.

Artist: Rick Ross

Album: “Teflon Don”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 3.9)

Defining Moments: “B.M.F.”, “All The Money In The World”, “Super High”

Logic: On his fourth studio album, Rick Ross picks up where he left off; narrating larger than life tales about organized crime and self indulgence, designer clothes, and other luxuries of a mobster. The producers on “Teflon Don” supply Ross with cinematic soundscapes that provide a beautiful backdrop throughout. Some may question the validity of Rick Ross’ past, but he’s one of the best at what he does.

Other Notable Releases:

Drake – “Thank Me Later” and Erykah Badu – “New Amerykah Part Two”

T.I. – “No Mercy”

Rating: βββ (Album Average 3.5)

Logic: Starts off great, but contains a lot of unnecessary records that disrupt the flow of the album.


Eminem – “Recovery”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 4.1)

Logic: Eminem makes up for his “relapse” with another great album.


David Banner & 9th Wonder – “Death of A Popstar

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 3.7)

Logic: David banner is at his best lyrically and 9th’s production


R. Kelly – “Love Letter”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 3.8)

Logic: His best album since “Chocolate Factory”. Finally, a mature album from a great artist.


Big Boi – “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 4.0)

Logic: One half of Hip-hop’s greatest group holds his own on his first solo album.


Devin the Dude – “Suite #420”

Rating: βββ (Album Average 3.6)

Logic: Classic Devin.. if you’re a fan, you won’t be disappointed.


B.o.B. – “The Adventures of Bobby Ray”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 4.1)

Logic: I’ve been a fan of B.o.B. for years, I’m glad he’s finally receiving the recognition he deserves.


Jazmine Sullivan – “Love Me Back”

Rating: ββββ (Album Average 3.9)

Logic: Another soulful album from the Philadelphia native.


Slept-on releases:

Jose James – “Black Magic” (Great jazz album)

Skyzoo & !llmind – “Live From The Tape Deck” (Classic NYC hip-hop sound)

Kno – “Death Is Silent” (Thought provoking and great concept)

Rakaa – “Crown of Thorns” (Great solo album from a LA native)

Foreign Exchange – “Authenticity” (Probably my favorite FE album)

Cee-Lo – “The Lady Killer” (“F*** You”.. need I say more?)

Ghostface Killah – “Apollo Kids” (Ghostface is one of the most consistent artists in the game.)

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek: Reflection Eternal – “Revolutions Per Minute” (“Just Begun” was one of the most played records in my iTunes library last year)


My Favorite Mixtapes of 2010:

Theophilus London – “I Want You”

Wale – “More About Nothing”

J. Cole – “Friday Night Lights”

Yelawolf – “Trunk Muzik”

Wiz Khalifa – “Kush & Orange Juice”

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