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The Truth Renaissance Has Moved…

February 8, 2016 Leave a comment

The Truth Renaissance has found a new home:

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The Return

October 3, 2013 Leave a comment

To the readers of The Truth Renaissance,

I’d like to thank everyone that has supported The Truth Renaissance since its inception a few years ago. When I first launched this blog back in 2010, I really didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I was posting album reviews using the notes feature on Facebook and I decided why not share them with people outside of my inner circle.  I did a little research watched YouTube videos, made a few random posts about various topics, and the rest is history. However, my blog lacked direction and clarity. There was a purpose and vision, but it had yet to blossom into what I dreamed it would be.

I’m working on relaunching The Truth Renaissance very soon and this time I look to begin the vision that I’ve spent the last two years creating. There were several reasons for my break and I’ll be sure to share those with you once I relaunch.

Until then you can catch me on my various social networking sites:

Follow me on Twitter @therealbenpete and Pinterest.

My Street Photography Instagram: BE_Atlanta

The Truth Renaissance Tumblr 

The Truth Renaissance Instagram (Coming Soon)

The Truth Renaissance Twitter (Coming Soon)

We Have Work To Do.

– Benjamin

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Holiday Update

December 23, 2010 1 comment

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog back in February. Throughout 2010, I’ve made some valuable connections and surprisingly made some great friends.  However, my vision for The Truth Renaissance is far from complete. There is still a lot of work to be done and I will be posting a lot more in 2011. I have a lot of great ideas and plan on expanding on what I’ve already started. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on my posts. With that said, look forward to the following to close out 2010:

1. The Lost Reviews Part I & II: There are a lot of albums I wanted to review this year that I never got around to writing. So I will be highlighting my favorite releases this year and doing a brief review of each.

2. A year end Quote of the Week/Editorial.

3. One last Throwback Thursday.

4. Lastly, expect an update on the mission of The Truth Renaissance at the top of the year.

I hope that everyone has a safe and blessed Christmas!



June 29, 2010 Leave a comment

In this video, 50 of the world’s most inspiring and iconic figures over the age of 65 share their words of wisdom. We’ve moved into an age where everything happens so quickly. Social network sites, text messaging, and e-mails have  replaced the intimate conversations we used to have with each other. In my opinion, the gap between each generation is wider than ever before. There are some great things said in this video… so please listen up!


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