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The Lost Reviews of 2010 Part 1: The List

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Music has always served as a page marker in the book of my life. Certain songs bring back memories of where I’ve been, some allow me sit in the present, and others take me where I want to go. Last year was the beginning of a new decade, which means new stories were written.

As we turn the page to 2011, I’d like to revisit the albums that stood out and some that were overlooked.

Coming Soon: Update: The Lost Reviews of 2010 Part 2: The Five

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The Soundtrack To My Life

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Music is my life. I eat, sleep, and breath it. So over the last couple of years I’ve been creating a soundtrack to my life. After a lot of thought I finally came up with songs that I feel define me. I have added and subtracted songs over the years and some have remained from the beginning. The track listing is in order, not from favorite to least favorite, but more like music that tells a story of my life from beginning to end.

The soundtrack touches on everything from love, to family, to faith, to songs dedicated to my wife and children.  I’m sure the list will change again at some point.

So take a look..if you havn’t heard some of the songs feel free to download them.

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My 10 Favorite Storytelling Hip-Hop Records Part. II

February 18, 2010 1 comment

10. Eminem – “Guilty Conscience” from The Slim Shady LP
9. A Tribe Called Quest – “8 Million Stories” from Midnight Marauders
8. NaS – “Rewind” from Stillmatic
7. The Notorious B.I.G. – “I Got A Story To Tell” from Life After Death [Disc. 1]
6. Ice Cube – “It Was a Good Day” from Predator

Part I

Part II of My 10 Favorite Storytelling Hip-Hop Records after the jump. Feel free to add your favorite songs or songs you think should have made the list.

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My 10 Favorite Storytelling Hip-Hop Records Part. I

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

A good story can be told by the least literate amongst us. Stories range from films, great plays, novels, and everyday conversations. From the very beginning of Hip-Hop’s creation “the story” has played an important part of any MC’s resume. In the industries current ringtone, bubblegum, thoughtless days of rap, storytelling has been forced to the lost & found bin. After scrummaging through my favorite albums I created what I would consider the best storytelling records counting down from 10-1. Most you’ve heard, but if you haven’t look them up. “Wrote a song about it.. like to hear it, hear go…”

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